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Helpful links

As you would probably know there are a lot of web pages devoted to asthma and anaphylaxis. We recommend the following sites as accurate sources of information.

Asthma Australia is the site of the body that represents each of the states’ and territories’ Asthma Foundations at a national level. Here you’ll find most of the health information you need. Have a look and then give us a ring on their 1800. Your call will be routed through to us here at the Asthma Foundation of Tasmania.

National Asthma Council is a well laid-out site mainly for health professionals. But there’s plenty of excellent information on asthma for the layman, and lots of big picture stuff with links to policy and research.

Australian Lung Foundation has excellent content and is completely searchable. There is a lot of valuable information for both the patient and the health professional for all sorts of respiratory conditions.

Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy has all you want to know about allergies and anaphylaxis. Another health professional site but includes comprehensive and easy-to-understand consumer information.

Heating and cooling your home
A frequently asked question on our 1800 line is: What is the best type of heating for people with asthma? We suggest you have a look at this webpage from Aurora Energy before you call us. It outlines all the types of electric and gas climate control options on the market. Then give us a call and we’ll see if we can help you narrow your choices.

Quit Tasmania
If you want to get the nicotine monkey off your back, these are the people who will help you. You'll find lots of inspiring stories, and good down-to-earth advice on this site. And if you decide to ring the Quitline on 13 7848 you'll be speaking to friendly, non judgemental people who know how hard quitting can be.